Diesel Outlet

Diesel is a World Famous Italian brand aimed at edgy and original young adults and cool people in general. Its founder Renzo Rosso is the current owner of the company. He had the idea of uniting the world in one common language and product, He quotes a “single, boarder-less macro-culture”. After studying industrial textiles, he realized that this was his dream and he was going to make it possible. Wilbert Das was the company’s creative director and Head designer for many years. He was responsible for the image and the style of the Diesel Outlet brand until 2009 when he left the company, then the Bruno Collin took that position. Since 1978 this company has been capturing everyone's attention by creating fashionable wear for luxurious people. The company has stores around the world including Diesel Outlet Stores, in The Americas, Asia and Europe and have won many awards for their products and advertisement.

Diesel has been involved in sponsoring many youth events like the: Diesel U Music Contest, Sundance Film Festival and many charities. Their marketing approach is superb, they even were the first clothing company to market their clothing in video games. Fashions shows are one of many marketing strategies they have. The Diesel Company is determined to continue being a leader in the fashion Industry.

Diesel designs, manufactures and sales high quality denim, footwear, bags, Diesel eye wear, jewelry, Diesel watches, Diesel fragrances and kids clothing. At the moment Diesel is one of the most popular denim brands in the world. Their products are sold in nearly 80 different countries. For many, Diesel is a lifestyle. At the Diesel Outlet shop you will find past collections with huge markdowns and deep discounts for every season.

Celebrities love wearing diesel because of the variety of styles that fit all types of personalities. A-listers like Courtney Love, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zac Effron (to name just a few) are frequently spotted rocking Diesel gear. The bizarreness and edge of the brand have made it popular amongst them. Characteristics of the brand include a cutting rebellious edge mixed with an elegant style. The Diesel Man and woman are very urban and fashionable. All these qualities are reflected in their products.

Diesel Jeans

In the denim world of Diesel there are many styles and cuts, some of them are: The Thanaz , The Matic, The Lowky,The Liv and the Zathan . There is one for every type of style and preference. They always preserve that vintage look by appearing pre-washed, worn. Diesel is always putting a different look to the traditional Jeans. Diesel designs up to 50 designs and shades every year.
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